Broom Groomer was brought to Quirky with the problem of brooms making more mess than they clean after becoming dirty from over-use. While leading the development of this product I also was able to make the sweeping process an easy-to-do 1 person job by designing the patented step down handle.
To make the concept a reality I designed the dustpan to feature a snap fit EVA row of teeth, textured to attract dust bunnies off the broom.
Consumers and retailers loved the product, and there was clearly a demand for a dustpan-broom set that worked together. I lead the development of Broom Groomer V2, which sought to clean brooms, maintain the step down handle, and store easily with a companion broom.
The companion broom features a hook on the back above the bristles for the dustpan to snap onto and hang from. The handle features an extra large hang hole so it can be easily taken on and off the store hanger.
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