As the Industrial Design Lead and Product Manager at SOLS it was my responsibility to oversee the design of SOLS 3D Printed Orthotic product. Close work was done with BioMechanical Engineers, CAD specialists, programmers, production, and SOLS App team to make sure that the SOLS engine's product output is up the standards and expectations of the doctors, patients and consumers in SOLS' network.
SOLS are a mass-customized product manufactured using SLS 3D Printers. Along with a team of BioMechanical Engineers, Mathematicians, and Programmers I helped design the entire parametric CAD system that allows the SOLS product to be fully tailored to each patients foot and medical needs.
SOLS are prescribed by podiatrists, chiropractors or pedorthists. After analyses is taken of the pateint's foot, the doctor uses the SOLS app to take 3 strategic photos of each foot, and enters the total foot length and prescriptive information as inputs for the SOLS algorithms. The patient can enter their information and customize the finishing touches of their SOLS to fit their tastes, shoes, and lifestyle.
Using advanced computer vision technology, the SOLS engine takes the doctor's provided photos and scales them using the foot length. The engine then breaks up the foot using key biological identifiers that then become inputs to the algorithms that define the parametric CAD model.
The generated 3D CAD model is then SLS 3D printed in Nylon at SOLS's factory, and then finished with the patient's chosen top cover material at SOLS's post-produciton facility.
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